Subaru Outback 2010

Should I buy the 3.0 6-cylinder Outback now, either new or used, or wait for till summer for the 2010 3.6 with a bigger interior and new CVT transmission? Will the mileage be any different? I’d like to save some shekels, but the pre-release publicity for the 2010 is tempting.

Also, any wise words about buying a car in one state (CA) but somehow avoiding the sales tax because I want to new car in order to move to New Hampshire and register it there with no tax?

I don’t have any info on the upcoming Outback. As for sales tax, where do you plan to register the car? You usually have to pay the sales tax when the car is titled and registered.

If NH does not have sales tax you have to figure out a way to avoid the CA sales tax. Will CA issue a temporary plate so you can drive the car cross country and then register it in NH? If yes, you have a shot. If not, then you need to find a state that does, maybe AZ, NV, or WA? If they don’t then you’ll have to wait until you get to NH to buy. Temp plates are usually good for a limited period, 14 or 30 days depending on the state issuing the temp tag.

As far as reliability is concerned, even Toyota has bugs in it’s new models. So if a big model change is in the offering from Subaru, the question should IMO, be: “Should I buy this year of wait two or three years ?”. I would leave the new 3.6 and new CVT transmission to others to “test” drive the bugs out.
If you really need a new car and are not satisfied with the currant Subaru model, I’d look elsewhere.
CU mentions this as good buying practice as well.

Drive a car with a CVT to see if you like it. Some people don’t care for it.

Agreed. Try something with a CVT to see if you like it, and if it’s not your cuppa tea there’s your answer.

Personally, I’d say you’ll get a better deal on a new/used model (I would think?) than the newer ones so that’s your answer there too.

Might be worth looking at the Forester as well. Just got one and they are a real nice piece of work. All grown up from the box!

Thanks to all for the good advice. I think I’ll avoid the 2010. I love the Forester, but I want a 6-cylinder because I plan to tow about 1500 lbs. I know the Forester is rated for that, but good advice seems to be to stick to 50% of rated towage.

6 cyl RAV4 is nearly as efficient as the 4cyl Subaru and easily handles well over 1500 lbs tow. But is $$$$$ more.

the 3.6 has been used in the tribeca for a a couple modle years. the best part about that engine is that it doesnt need premium like the 3.0 liter engine does.

the new outback has so much more rear legroom it isnt even funny.

The new 2010 Outback will feature a CVT only in 4-cylinder models. The 3.6 litre, 6 cylinder models will come only with a 5-speed automatic transmission.