Subaru Legacy 2017

Just returned from dealer appt made for next week so they can look at car and make there own diagnosis we shall see.

The tech for Tucson Subaru heard the same noise Car fixed no charge even though out of warranty for four month. That’s how you keep loyal costumers.

That’s how a car manufacturer or dealer can go broke, giving money away.

No that’s just good business sense


… or… not…

When my first Subaru developed its one and only mechanical problem (at 115k miles), it turned out to be a breached head gasket. I was charged less than $400 for the replacement of both head gaskets, and because I was so pleased with their treatment of me, I bought a second Subaru the following year.

That one had zero problems over my 10 years of ownership, and the dealership continued to treat me like royalty. The result was that I treated myself to a third Subaru, and this one has also been flawless over the 9 years/110k miles that I have owned it.

You may wish to differ, but I think that the dealer made a very wise decision to drastically undercharge me for the head gasket job on the first car that I bought from him. He was rewarded with two additional sales (and related servicing), and I was rewarded with two cars that have been without fault. If all goes well financially, I will likely buy a 4th car from this guy next year.

Don’t you think that there is something to be said for treating customers well?

Believe me Ford or Gm or Chrysler would have done nothing for me I’m sure of that.

I am definitely not a “people person”. My former employer made a very wise decision when they put me in a position where I had little to no contact with customers.