2014 Subaru Legacy - Transmission trouble

I’ve never owned a Subaru, but heard they were good cars. I purchased one used last year. Recently took it in & they told me I need a new transmission. I have 110,000 miles on my car, so of course it out of warranty. I can’t afford a $7000 new transmission. Has anyone else had this issue w/their Subaru?

Doesn’t matter if anyone else had this problem. It won’t change your circumstances.

From the price, it sounds like this car has a CVT automatic transmission. Likely NO one ever serviced it with fluid changes and this is the result.

Buying a 100,000 miles car is a risk. Buying one without a service history is a greater risk. Buying one without having it checked out by YOUR mechanic is a huge risk. I know the first one is true from your post. Likely the other 2 are as well?

Sorry, but the risk caught up to you. I’d call around to other shops to see if I could get a cheaper quote.

Thanks for your response, but it didn’t have 100,000 miles when I bought it. I took it to the dealership & they NEVER mentioned I had an issue with the transmission until I was over 100,000 miles.

You took it to the dealership for what? The inspection? If you bought it there, that was a mistake. Always use an independent mechanic to inspect a car before you buy it.

Or just took it there for service? The transmision wasn’t a problem until they told you it was. Always assume the required service in the owners manual have not been done unless you have the receipt.

They probably did not mention it because they only moved it to the service bay and then back to a parking place. Did you ask for them to look at the transmission and if it needs work a independent transmission shop will always be cheaper.

No, I didn’t ask them to look at it. I went in because I had a recall for my airbags. Thanks for the suggestion. I will take it to an independent shop this weekend.

Do you notice problems?

Yes, since taking my car in to have the air bags replaced the car makes a weird sound. I’ve been told it’s the transmission, another so called mechanic said sounds like something is loose. I’ve not gotten the same response from anyone.

Well, get several diagnoses before just assuming it’s the transmission.

It’s possible it’s something cheap/simple. Exhaust all those possibilities before buying a new transmission. Good luck. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you don’t have a Check Engine Light on with a flashing ABS and flashing Brake light, then you do NOT have a transmission issue. The dealer is just trying to make some money off of having to do the recall. If they also told you that you need new rear brakes and a new cabin air filter, I would not be surprised. Ignore them.

Thanks Keith! I don’t have any of the issues you list above. I’m taking it to another mechanic this weekend.

One more thing, if there is anything wrong with the transmission, the cruise control won’t work.