Subaru Differential - 2007 Legacy sedan

I own a 2007 Legacy 2.5i Limited sedan. I brought it in for service a little over 1 week ago due to a noise from the engine. It was diagnosed as the differential and was replaced (not repaired). Covered under warranty. This past weekend, the noise I heard a week and a half ago returned. I dropped it off for service again (at the dealership where I bought the car) and they were not able to re-create the sound and said they can’t do anything. First of all, is this normal?? I do NOT think that the diff in a 2 year old car with 20K miles on it should be replaced this early…but TWO???

Anyone have this problem/heard of this problem? What options do I have?

What kind of noise is it? I have heard some noise as of late, might be the same problem. Is it like a a high-pitched squeal that sounds like its coming from the wheel?

2006 Legacy 2.5i SE

It may be a misdiagnosis on the first replacement.

You have another 3 yrs/40k to sort this out as these are powertrain items. Wait till it becomes more prominent and can easily be reproduced.

Exactly what it sounds like. Mine sounded like it was coming from the front left tire area. When the techs at the Subaru dealership put it on the lift and ran it, the REAR differential was shuttering quite a bit. Because of the low mileage and warranty, Subaru advises the techs to replace it, and not rebuild it.

Thanks. I think that’s what I have to do. I dropped it off again and the techs road tested it, but the noise did not return. So I will continue to monitor it. The good news is that when I called Subaru of America to complain, they offered a 6 yr, 100,000 mile warranty. It appears Subaru is a good company that stands behind their product, which is great.

You may be right. I thought it was strange to have a diff go after less than two years/20K miles.