Does a warranty repair have a warranty?

My used Subaru was purchased from a Honda dealer. Before the 90-day powertrain warranty was up, it developed transmission problems. The Honda dealer sent me to their sister Subaru dealership for the repairs. Now, 6 months and 11K miles later, the transmission is failing again. I’m afraid I will get grief from both dealers if I try to claim another warranty repair, since I’m well beyond the 90-day used car warranty, but on the other hand, if I had paid for the new tranny myself, it would be warranted for 12 mos or 12K, so why should this be any different?

What do you think?

You have nothing lose chasing the repair as covered.

Do you have any paper work from the Subaru dealer or was a dealer to dealer fix? If you have paper work state your case and see where it goes with the Subaru dealer.

You need to clarify something. Since the odds of a dealer installing a new transmission in a used car are very close to zero, does this mean the “new” transmission you refer to is a used one?

Transmission problems on Subarus are not unheard of and it’s been my experience that about 25% of the used engine or transmission units I’ve seen have issues so this may have simply been replacing one headache with another.

About all you can do is approach them and ask if they will cover this. Legally, I would guess they’re off the hook so it comes down to a PR repair.

I have all the paperwork from the Suburu dealer stating the 12mo 12k warranty, but when the Suburu guy handed it to me he said “You’ll have to work out the warranty with Bob” (i.e. the Honda dealer that sold me the car). I responded in total blankness, since, as far as I knew/know, my warranty with “Bob” is already worked out just fine, so I don’t know if he was trying to weasel me or what.

Thanks, ok4450. Btw, what do you mean by “PR” repair?

It’s not a new transmission. They replaced parts–clutch plates, valves, control module, gaskets, etc, about $1300 worth, according to the papers.

“Btw, what do you mean by “PR” repair?”

I would guess that is Public Relations.

Doh! That makes sense. thx

Take it back to the Subaru dealer. They did the work. Bring the paperwork showing the repair warranty in case they want to see it. Let them make a copy, but take your repair paperwork home with you.