Subaru Impreza WRX 08 repair warranty

Hey fellow community members im here to ask a question on some work i got done on my car and your opinion if i can get it done correct because they said they have a life time warranty on the work they did. So what happened was i got into a little fender bender with a wrangler and the shop through the insurance had to replace my grille, hood, radiator, and bumper. When the car was a day before pick up time they asked me if i wanted to wait for one more day for a bracket for the front license plate and i said yes and they asked me if i wanted the bottom two holes in my license plate screwed in and i said no to that so its been a few months since then and one day while polishing my car i saw they acctually screwed into the bumper when i told them no to leaving two screw holes in it. Do you guys believe that i should go there and see if i can get it under warranty?? Or should i just bring it to a body show and have the two holes filled and the bumper re sprayed??

The warranty covers the repair work they did. There would have to be something wrong with the part or work like the paint peeling or the bumper cover falling off, things of that nature. Having two screw holes behind your license plate probably won’t be covered. You can ask, but I don’t think they’ll go for it.

I can’t predict whether they’ll do it or not under the warranty, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. It is a good idea to repair the spots where the paint has been totally removed, to prevent future rust problems. If that spot is under the license plate, on an 08? Maybe just some touch up paint is all you need.

But i would have to use a filler of some sort to fill those holes correct

I like the finished look of four bolts in my plates so just leave it alone and be happy.