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Painted bumper surface has lumps

I reversed into a tow bar and damaged my rear bumper (three areas of damage marked in picture). I had this repaired last week. But soon after I noticed that an area of the bumper, which presumably has been painted, is rough/bumpy and full of lumps. What are these and can they be rectified? (one big lump shown in picture)

The other concern I have is the area that has been painted is quite extensive and goes way beyond the repaired damages. Is this normal? I’m judging based on the imperfections that this area has been painted, otherwise the color match seems to be pretty good.


After: (not allowed to post more than one image!)

I can not tell much from your pictures.
Usually bumper covers are replaced rather than repaired. If repairable the entire cover should have been primed, painted, and clear coated.
Either way, did the body shop not warranty their repair?

Poor body work. Take it back to the body shop that did it and point it out. If you cheaped on the repair to save money, its on you.

The wider painted area is to blend the paint so that the repair is not obvious. Paint fades over time and since you didn’t tell us the year of your BMW I can’t even guess how much color change you might have.


They do warranty their work and said they’d fix it when I called today. But I just wanted to be better informed before going back to them. This is one those lumps. Looks like debris

It’s a 2019 BMW 3 Series. Basically a new car. So I’d assume the color won’t have faded much.

How simple was that ? Besides what do you need to be informed about other than check with the shop if you are not satisfied with the work . I would suspect that any shop would be annoyed if someone came back and said that the people on the internet said this about your work.

Well that’s interesting, usually today they color sand and polish the paint after they are done spraying it. That takes dust nibs and other imperfections out before delivery. Obviously they didn’t do that and it looks a little big for a dust nib.