Subaru 2.2 legacy 1996 fuel pump?



It appears that the fuel pump in my Subaru

1996 2.2 legacy

has failed. However I have read a caution that a faulty fuel

pressure sensor can be the actual cause. But I have not

found any additional information on this. Nor do I know where

or what to look for or if my car in fact has one and if I did find

one how would I test it?

I have found replacement fuel pumps on Ebay for about $40

Also found other pumps elsewhere for $230 OWCH!

I did not find any fuel Pressure sensors on Ebay. Are these

parts worth even considering? Here is a link


All and any advice will be gratefully accepted

Thank You


Check the fuel pump fuses first then replace the fuel pump. There is no fuel pressure sensor listed in any of my parts manuals.


The part you have heard of is the fuel pressure regulator. It’s on the engine.
Here are the testing instructions for the fuel pressure regulator: To see the information, you need to register at, and come back and click on the link.
What are the symptoms of the problem? The Haynes, or Chilton’s Repair Manuals have the instructions you need to troubleshoot the fuel pump.
If you don’t need to replace the fuel pump, you would want to know how to find the trouble, wouldn’t you?