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'94 Suburban with fuel troubles?

My Suburan with 225k miles was running fine up to the time the trouble started. It was up to temp when I shut it down. When I attempted to restart, it would run for 2 sec’s and die. I could pump the gas to keep it going another few seconds. Had it towed home. Replaced the fuel filter and now I could keep it running if I would gently pump the gas. Replaced the in tank fuel pump, what fun, and it ran perfectly for 5 mins or so. Shut it down and thought I had fixed it. An hour later, I went out to start it again and it was back to just running if a I feathered, gently pumped the gas.
Then I replaced the Idle Air Control and Throtle Position sensor. Still no luck. It acts this way at any temp. I tried to move it by the “keep” pumping method, but under load she just wants to stall. Read the codes and nothing comes up.

I feel this is a fuel issue due to the fact that the filter and pump made changes. Now I guessing presure regulator?

Any sugestions?

Patrick T

Guessing is costing you money. Test the fuel pressure.

Where do you test for pressure? This has a throttle body with a fuel feed line and return line?

Test at the fuel filter.


I just changed the fuel pump so testing at filter would bypass the fuel pressure regulator? I’m assuming with the new pump, I have good pressure on main line.

I guess I should have made myself clear. You’ll need to use a fuel pressure gauge that has two lines so the fuel flow isn’t stopped. It will attach to the pipe and filter. I think there may also be an adaptor to go there to use a “normal” FP gauge. And I never assume. New means new, doesn’t mean good. So when you changed the pump, you also replaced the hose from pump to pipe?


Yes, short hose came in the kit. Removed, cleaned fuel pressure regulator. Spring was in tact and diaphrame had no rips/holes. Reassembled

I have friend coming over today to check the pressure.