Starts and shuts off

Over the last 6 months I have tried a number things to get this Subaru Legacy to keep running. I replaced the coil, had the injectors cleaned, fule pump & filter, MAF, plugs, wires, CO2 sensor, EGR, and TPS. I also cleaned the throttle plate so it no longer sticks.

Went to a repair shop “AS” and they couuld not find the issue, they wanted to tell me it was one of the items that I knew I had already replaced.

Anyway, it starts but shuts off shortly afterwards.

year and mileage would be welcome by the guys who can give you good advice.

I would first suspect a problem with the fuel delivery system. The fuel pump relay could be the trouble or the pump itself. To see if the fuel system is the trouble try sparying a small amount of starter fluid into the intake when the engine starts to die. If it keeps running you will know the trouble is with the fuel system.

As a note. Some Subaru systems use the ECU to make the ground connection to the fuel pump and the ECU will not make the connection if it doesn’t see ignition pulses coming from the ignition.

1995 with 131K

Do you have a timing light and a stethoscope type listening device?
If yes, you can hook up the timing light to the different spark plug wires, and see if the engine is still trying to fire the spark plugs when the engine stall occurs, and use the stethoscope to see if the fuel injectors are still being activated at the point of the engine stall.

If the two events are happening at the same time, then you might want to use a fuel pressure gauge hooked up to the system to see if the pressure is vanishing before the stall occurs. If it is, the fuel pump relay might be to blame. You could then jumper the fuel pump circuit (place it in test mode), and see if that keep s the engine running after start.

Have you noticed the sound of the fuel pump after the ignition is on, correct?


I didn’t notice the idle air control valve in your list.

I will begin looking into that once more, I replaced the fuel pump, but not the relay.
I did not think the relay could be at fault

I will look at it