Just replaced a fuel pump

I just replaced a fuel pump on a 1998 saturn sl2 that refused to start. engine tried to turn over, but nothing. we figured that it was getting spark, compression, but no fuel. now that the pump was replaced the car still won’t start and has no pressure! I am ready to set it on fire and call it a day. please offer some help. thanks

How did you figure it was getting spark and compression? How do you know it is now getting fuel? Did you replace the fuel filter? When you say it “has no pressure” what pressure are you talking about compression in the cylinder or fuel pressure? How do you know it has none?

Check the fuel pump relay. It can often be switched with another in the power block.

Have you checked for 12V power to the pump? There should be a connector you can reach to check for power. Power to the pump is generally controlled by a relay under the dash or the hood. Relays can go bad, too.

While you are messing around, don’t try to hot wire the pump to see if it works.

To see if the problem is due to just a lack of fuel you can try spraying some starter fluid into the intake. If the trouble is due to the pump not getting power I would suspect the fuel pump relay also.

For the cost of a repair manual (< $20), you could have saved the difference between that fuel pump, and that $20. Well, that’s money under the bridge, now. You still need the repair manual. Why? Click this link http://www.autozone.com/az/cds/en_us/0900823d/80/19/a2/2f/0900823d8019a22f/repairInfoPages.htm It tells you that, “For 1998…the [fuel] pressure regulator is a … part of the fuel filter, which is mounted …near the Fuel Tank”. Now what? The repair manual will tell you, “what now”.

I know the electrical stuff is good because we removed the plugs from the coil and there was spark between the towers. we even checked the crankshaft position sensor, it was good. I went inside and checked the relay and it was good. we called about replacing the filter, but were told by all of the auto parts stores that the filter on the car was nonserviceable so they wouldn’t carry it. When we turn the ignition to on we can hear the filter running and then it turns off, normal. we even went under the car and disconnected hoses from the filter to see if fuel was getting through the lines, one was bone dry and the other poured out fuel. we opened up the shrader valve and tried to start the car to see if fuel would come out, but nothing. The car sounds like it is trying hard to turn over, but eventually loses it’s breath. (Understand?) It sounds like it a runner who is out of breath. We did everything by the chilton and haynes manual, but the manual doesn’t tell us what to do now. I will try your suggestions and write again with the results. thank you all for your help.

Sounds like you need a wiring schematic, test chart, and a test light.

The pump relay is controlled by the ECM which receives input from the ignition module and since your problem appears to be fuel control related you’re either going to have to follow the proper diagnostic steps or pay someone to do it.

First of all, what you’re calling a filter is the pump, right?

If you’re not getting fuel at the schrader valve, disconnect the supply line from the fuel rail and make sure that you are getting fuel to that point. If not, you may have a kinked or clogged line. If fuel is coming out of the line that connects to the rail, but you’re getting no pressure at the schrader, you may want to check the fuel pressure regulator.

The references say that the fuel filter is external to the fuel tank, and that the fuel pressure regulator is integral (part of) to the fuel filter. They can’t be separated. So, yes, determine why fuel isn’t coming out of the fuel filter/fuel pressure regulator.

ok did everything you all said and walked through our step again and we now have fule pressure!!! YES!!!, but the car still will not start. Could it be the timing chain or a blown head? It tries really hard to turn and almost did a few times, but no go. What could it be now?

Nope, you didn’t do everything everybody said: You didn’t spray that (engine) Starter Fluid into the intake tube in a two second burst and attempt to start the engine, did you?
There may be fuel pressure; but, that doesn’t mean that the fuel injectors are spraying fuel into the cylinders. So, how do you check that? By using the Starter Fluid, and using 'noid fuel injector test lights, is how. They are available at your favorite auto parts store.
Use the Starter Fluid (or, its equivalent), and the 'noid test lights, and let us know the specific results. These things aren’t fix things, they are test things. After tests, comes fixes.

thank you, will try that now then write back to tell you the results.

To be a little clearer, spray the (engine) Starter Fluid into the large black plastic intake tube, in a two-second spray, through one of the small hoses disconnected from the tube. Reconnect that small hose. Attempt a start. If the engine starts and runs for a couple of seconds, that shows that the fuel injectors may be spraying too little, or not at all.
To find out if the fuel injectors are getting the electrical signal to spray fuel, use the 'noid lights plugged into the connector to the fuel injector(s). Crank the engine. The 'noid light should flash each time that fuel injector gets electrical power to spray fuel. If no 'noid light, no electrical power pulse; then, further troubleshooting to find out why.