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Subaru 2.2 legacy 1996 fuel pump The Saga continues

The plot thickens, The model year is in question documentation

Presents conflicting dates perhaps its actually a 1995 model.

This seems not to mater when consulting the services manuals

I have down loaded primarily because both 95 and 96 manuals

do not depict the fuel system as it is on my car.

I have disconnected the fuel pump power connector and attached

my volt meter. No voltage appears at the connector when the ignition

switch is turned on. Also I have tested the resistance of the pump

motor it reads about 0.9 ohms probably right for a small DC motor.

I am tempted to connect a 12 volt power supply to the pump to see

If it works is there any chance of causing damage if I do this?

The fuse that the schematic depicted as providing current to this

fuel pump relay is OK. The service manual depicts a fuel pump

relay but offers no clue as to where it is located. I have checked

the fuse/relay boxes but it seem not to be present. So where in the

hell is the fuel pump relay located???

I have a '96 Legacy. Quoting my Haynes manual for '90 through '98 Subaru Legacy:

“The fuel pump relay is located under the dash on the driver’s side. The main relay and the fuel pump relay are coupled together. The main relay is square shaped (bottom location) while the fuel pump relay is round (top location).”

The illustrations say, “Remove the driver’s side lower trim panel. To access the main and fuel pump relays remove the fuse box mounting nuts and bracket and lower the fuse box to expose the relays.”

Hope this helps.

I strongly suggest disconnecting the negative battery cable before you remove the fuse box.

A few dollars spent for a manual would save you a lot of trouble.

Keep in mind when testing that if the computer doesn’t see an attempt to crank the engine it may be shutting off power to the fuel pump after a few seconds. So you need to have someone try cranking it or flipping the key on while you’re testing for voltage.

The 1995 - 1996 Subaru Legacy is when the change over took place from OBD1 to OBD2. Much of the Legacy components didn’t change when the newer OBD2 standard was incorporated. It appears that most of the change was the addition of the wiring connector under the dash for the OBD2 (On Board Diagnostics) emissions control system.
The repair manuals, Haynes, Chilton’s, etc., bunch the years before the OBD changes together. This can be confusing; unless, you realize that the components of the engine management system aren’t significantly different.
I found this online manual (probably a downloadable) which covers just 1996 Legacy:

Sure, you can hot-wire the fuel pump to see if it runs. It’s not a “good thing” to keep it hot-wired.

Remember that when you check for 12 volts power at the fuel pump relay, the power will be there for ONLY 2 OR 3 SECONDS each time the ignition key is turned to ON. So, you need a “key” person to turn to ON, the second you are ready to measure the voltage.