Stupid useless Eco Stop/Start "feature" in newer cars!



I think I’ll have to try that recipe sometime. I take the easy way out and
just use Krusteaz mix, which seems pretty good to me; just need to add
water and egg to the mix-
Need to do a comparison to see what I’m missing.


That’s worse than the automatic headlights on / off feature I have in my 2005 Buick Century. My headlights always turn on when I start the car in my darkened garage or the traffic comes to a standstill in a dark underpass. That’s unnecessary wear and tear on my relays, headlamps and electrical system. I empathize with you.


And they forgot about the parking brake. I even use it in the drive-thru if the line in front takes especially long.


OK, I went back to my post and edited it taking out my favorite waffle recipe because I felt that waffle recipes were going a little too off topic. But separating the egg yolk and white and whipping the white to the consistency of whipped cream and then folding it into the batter gives you really light and airy waffles.
The key is to just fold it in with a spoon, don’t overmix or you will end up un-whipping the egg white.


Off topic or not, it’s good information, so I’m good with that- :smiley: