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is there any car maker that doesn’t have the auto-stop-start feature? looking to get new vehicle, but personally hate that feature. thanks all

My friend recently purchased an '18 Corolla, and it doesn’t have that feature.

All the vehicle brands have web sites that let you build your version of each model. Also the start/stop feature can be turned off .

Edit: I see a time when almost all new vehicles will have the S/S feature. I can see people doing what will become a normal habit. Back out of garage - push the garage door button - push the S/S button - fasten seat belt while garage door is closing - change radio station because someone took it off yours - drive away - simple enough.

Has Toyota employed the start stop tech yet on any model? They seem to employ some of this technology later than other manufacturers. Not knocking them, I own a Toyota.

My wife’s 2016 Kia Soul has this idiotic feature (ECO dynamics)
She turns it of.
My BIL has a 2019 Kia Soul which does’nt have it.

The latest gimmick i’ve heard of for saving gas is a toyota required
0 w 16 motor oil

That’s a new one on me. Ours takes 0w20, but it’s almost 6 yrs old now.

0W16 oil is a new one on me… But not Japan, apparently.

Sheesh. What happens next when they get to specifying 0W0 ?

Thanks to all, but, I was wondering if there is somewhere that lists the maker of vehicles that do not have this feature. I have used the 'build & price" on many web sites and none have mention of this s/s. I checked everywhere on Lincoln’s site, no mention, had to call their 800 to finally learn that yes, Lincoln has this too. Some replies have said to turn it off? Have '16 malibu, no off switch. So some manufac. have a off switch for auto-start-stop? Have not seen that mentioned on any manufac. web site. There’s after market items that you can install to block this on some vehicles, but they are $150. more thoughts? thanks again

I’ve seen the ‘off’ switch mentioned on a few car reviews, but you had to re-select it each time you drove.

Some cars it’s not too bad, test drive several next time, you might find one that doesn’t bug you so much.

I found a YouTube video that supposedly shows how to turn the S/S feature off. Who ever made could not hold the camera steady so I did not watch it. It seems that there are other suggestions so @ticoman13_142742 try a search for those.

At you can enter a vehicle selection and see if it has auto start/stop.

The Malibu has 3 different engines available, it seems that you chose the only one with auto start/stop.

yeah, seems too thin to me , but 0w8 is also in the works

I wonder if cars could just run with WD40 in the sump… PB Blaster?