Stupid useless Eco Stop/Start "feature" in newer cars!

The only thing I really want in a hotel room is a nice bed, no cigarette smoke odor, and reliable fast WiFi, while not being raped when paying for the room. I often don’t even turn on the TV. The absence of homeless people asking you for a few bucks in the parking lot is also a plus.
I’ve seen lobby breakfast from waffle machines to a loaf of bread and a toaster to toast it in. I once stayed in a HoJo where the lobby coffee was undrinkable it was so weak. The staff brewed the entire pot with one of those single serving coffee bags that they have in the rooms with the single serving coffee makers.
Gotta love those Texas shaped waffles from the do it yourself waffle machine. I’m wondering if you get Oklahoma shaped waffles when you drive through that state, or Kansas shaped waffles in Kansas.

Ha ha. I haven’t seen the state shaped waffles but we do have a Mickey Mouse waffle maker. I always start with the ears first. I don’t know why but I got used to dissections in biology.

Stop and think about this car, a 449 horsepower sedan that weighs 4800 lb but gets around 17 mpg city and 26 mpg highway. When I was in high school, a comparable car would have gotten maybe 12 mpg on the highway and single digit mpg in town.
It’s not just electric cars using gas tax free energy to use the highways that is making state governments scratch to find funds to build and maintain highways, it’s also the fact that modern cars have become so fuel efficient.

This discussion has gone WAY off the rails. Ann Rand, hotel buffets… WTF? I thought this was about cars!

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Have you seen that new show of Jerry Seinfeld’s, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee?

Welcome to this episode of Old Men who Can’t Stay On Topic to Save Their Lives. :wink:

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Watch your language. This is a family show, not a bar.

True, my 59 VW with a 36 hp four cyl., manual got 25 on the highway at 70 top speed down hill with the pedal to the floor. My 2016 Acura RDX with V6 gets plus 30 on the highway at 80 without even a sweat. I don’t mind at all raising the tax-provided it goes for ROADS, not bike paths.


Actually, her name was Ayn Rand.

Welcome to the Cartalk Forums, and this is nothing. We’ve really had some topics fly way further off topic! :smiley:

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Alisa Zinovyevna Rosenbaum

Write Mercedes and tell them. You might save a life(s). When the light turns green, the person behind you sees the green light and takes off without thinking and will rear end you.No deaths, but back damage to you and if hit hard enough, maybe a fire can happen.

Nothing about the OP’s car relates to your scenario. The car moved when the accelerator was pressed. If someone runs into the rear of the OP’s car, the carmaker has no responsibility for that.


I don’t think you understand how an auto start/stop system works. There is no delay when you press the accelerator, so there is no more chance of being rear-ended than in a car that doesn’t have such a system.

On some of these systems, pressing the gas pedal makes the engine start so fast that by the time you expect a response from the engine, the engine responds. On other cars, the engine automatically starts when you take your foot off the brake pedal, and the engine is running by the time your foot makes it to the accelerator.

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Gee. I always wait to see the person in front of me move before I start moving. It almost always seems like an eternity, but I wait anyway.


I aym so sorry, really.

My favorite state shaped waffles are Colorado and Wyoming. No pesky appendages hanging off.

Our home waffle iron make waffles shaped like that.

Now if they only made waffle irons that made car shaped waffles…

You can make the wheel, anyway. :wink:

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Your waffle maker does the Kia Soul and Scion xB.

i think it is against the law to put your car in neutral at stoplights in my state
i usually shifted to neutral with my prius at lights.
why have foot on brake for 3 minutes? oh, it has to be somewhere?
my right hand is on center console
with shifter close by and tapping it into drive is easy. i think motor would start when i did that?
i think it would creep forward using elec motor than? or not?
been awhile. prius is gone

I think that an incredible percentage of drivers are operating their vehicles without much thought process being involved. When I am fueling my car, I observe that at least half of the drivers whose cars are also being fueled are sitting there with their foot on the brake, even though their engine is turned off.

But, if you think that is bad, there was a lot of TV coverage recently of cars that were stuck–for hours–on Interstate Highways in NJ as a result of a disastrous Nor’Easter. Probably about 75% of the cars that you could see in the video coverage had their brake lights lit-up. Of course, drivers wanted to keep their engines running in order to have heat, but… If you are sitting in one place without moving FOR HOURS, why would you not simply put the trans into “Park”, and take your foot off the brake?