Can I buy an easy stop and start button for 2002 Mercedes-Benz S-Class?

I want to know if I can purchase a easy stop and start button on my 2002 s500 Mercedes,

Do you mean a push button ignition or a stop/start feature when you stop for a traffic light?

Nothing ‘easy’ about it, in my opinion. One of the most complex electrical systems on the planet. I wouldn’t mess with it.

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A push button to operate the starter is relatively easy. A stop/start feature is very difficult if not impossible.

I think you may open up a huge can of worms with either option.

If you don’t already have a start/stop then you will need to put the key in the ignition, turn it to “on” and then press the start button. That’s how the old Honda S2000’s did it, too.

The other way is to disable the steering wheel lock, then hope that the car can detect your key when it’s not in the ignition.

It should be possible to replace the key ignition system with a start/stop button. A full implementation would require a proximity sensor to recognize that the key fob is nearby. If the original ignition still remains in the car, the steering wheel lock must be disabled. If the steering wheel lock remains enabled, the key must be turned to release it. That is just like using the keyed ignition, and I see no compelling reason the use a stop/start button.

I’m curious. What is the benefit of such a button for you?

It would also need to hook into the brake light switch. No brake = “on/acc,” brake = “start.”

And if OP’s is the kind of system where you have to hold the key in start until it starts, they will also need to figure out how to make the starter disengage once the engine is started.