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Stupid Alero

I have a 1999 Alero ( 6cyl) and replaced the power steering pump in June. ( Twice, the first one was bad and it was new.) So now the car whines when I start it up and when it warms up, it stops. Also there is something leaking. It looks like power steering fluid, but when I check it, it always has fluid in it. Please help.

I’m not sure how anyone can help. You need to find out what is whining and you need to find out what is leaking. No one can do this via internet.

Why did you replace the PS pump and what was wrong with the first one that you installed? Perhaps you just have some other problem entirely and the PS pump was a red herring all along?

What color is the stuff that’s leaking?

the pump was leaking and auto zone gave me the code, the fluid is dark and looks like ps fluid. I know I can’t get it fixed via the internet but I though that I could get a few ideals, thank you guys

I did not know a leaking power steering pump could set a code on a 99 Alero.

Well noahschild, you can get ideas via the internet. All you have said so far is that where is a whining noise when you start the car and something is leaking. You gotta help out a lot more than that, so I guess I will just try to spell it out.

Have you actually started up the car, opened the hood and tried to find out where the whining is coming from? Does it seem to be coming from the PS pump? Or perhaps the belt? Or perhaps one of the pulleys? Is the whining sound new? Did the pump come with a new pulley or did you have to swap yours over? If you can’t tell where the whine is coming from, a short length of hose can act like a makeshift stethoscope & helps to pinpoint the spot.

What have you done to look for the leak? Do you know its leaking because something is dripping? If not, then what do you see that looks like a leak? Where? Have you gotten under the car to try to see approximately where it is dripping from? If the fluid is dark then it doesn’t look like PS fluid, depending on what you’re using. That doesn’t mean it might not be ps fluid - by the time anything drips it has picked up a lot of crud & will be dirty.

So - if you can improve your description you can get some ideas.