Power Steering

I have a 99 Taurus that used to be a rental car. I bought it in 2001. It has just over 100k on it. Whenever I turn the wheels left or right there is a whining noise. I have replaced the power steering fluid and made sure it was working properly and the sound has decreased a little. I was wondering if the problem might be the rack and pinion. Joseph_E_Meehan you were spot on with your recomendation about the spark plugs when I wrote about the car not starting. Thanks.


More likely it’s either a slipping serpentine belt (due to a worn belt, a tired tensioner, or a binding pump) or a failing power steering pump.

The best way to tell if it’s a slipping belt or a failing pump is to pop the hood, have someone turn the steering wheel, and listen to where it’s coming from.

I just changed the belt and the belt tensioner when I replaced the water pump. They might not have needed replacing but I did’nt like the way they were looking. The power stering pump SEEMS to be working just fine. It sounds like the niose is comming from the same side as the Rack and Pinion.

It sounds like the pump is making noise.

Frankly, this is a pretty common problem with Ford P/S pumps. You could replace it but in my experience the replacement pump might be more noisy than the one in the car. For some reason these pumps are noisy and the replacement aren’t much better.

Well, Thought the sound was coming from the same side as the rack and pinion, Upon futher inspection I found it was coming from the power steering pump. I have changed out the power steering pump and now the whine is gone. Thanks for all the great advice.

I used to hear our 87 Tempo coming up the street. I was in the back room of the house. Hope the noise doesn’t stop for at least ten years.

Thanks for the feedback. We usually never find out the end result.

Happy motoring.