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Power steering whine

one of my cars is a 93 taurus, and today the steering started to whine. if its a leak what should i do and if its a bad pump how much is it usually to fix?

Before replacing any parts, have the power steering fluid exchanged. Over time the power steering fluid can get contaminated to where the pump vanes stick causing a whining noise.


flush as stated,then add FORD brand limited slip additive to the resevoir,then wait 300 miles or so and the noise will subside.

as long as you have no leaks (which would run the pump dry,and do damage).

FORD dealer trick that does work.why we’ll never know,but it does work.

good luck.

good day!

thank you for both replies. i checked the resevoir today and it was a little low, so tomorrow i’ll check for leaks and try adding fluid or taking your advise will be the next move. thank you, charlie