Whining noise (from PS I think) on startup?

Hey just wanted to check with you guys and get some input. Car is 2006 Hyundai Tucson. This morning it was about -5c (23f) and as soon as I started the car up there was a loud whining noise. Usually I thought noise arised just when you turn the wheel? Turned the steering wheel a bit and it seem to go with it so I believe it was power steering. The whine went away after about 2-3 mins of driving.

I checked the fluid there was enough but the color is a bit dark. Now I’ll probably do a partial change but sucking fluid out of reservoir in putting new in 2 or 3 times over the course of a week to see, but hopefully the problem isn’t the pump dying? They’re not cheap lol.

The only issue I’m worried is the fluid though, even dealer are unsure what is compatible now. Manual says PSF-3 but can’t find anywhere.

I called dealer and they said new fluid is fine for top off but cannot mix.

Well then, that sucks.

I called dealer and they said new fluid is fine for top off but cannot mix.

That is ridiculous, any fluid you top off with will mix. I will bet none of the Hyundai Dealers in your area are carrying Hyundai PSF-3 ,because when they repair cars that call for it ,they are using Dexron II because they can get it cheaper.

A slipping belt can cause that whining noise.

Well they have PSF-4 now. But yeah, not sure what to do. I really wanted to go the simple route just turkey baste it every few days until fluid becomes clear but man.

What’s the worse that can happen? More than just the pump uh? Rack pinion could wreck to?

Sounds like Air is getting into the system. That’s a common issue with Honda’s in which Air gets into the system causing bubbling of the fluid. Their solution is to change the aging “O ring” in the system. This stops the leak and of course the whining noise. Have you notice any leaks or wetness around the power steering system?