1995 corsica


my corsica is a good running car but there is one thing that angers me about the car.only when the weather is under 20 degrees the steering pump and the stering rack make a winding noise that drives me nuts like now its 42 degrees outside and there not a peep out of the system it only does it when its cold is it the fluid bad? plz help


Sounds like the pump might be on its last legs. Have you checked the fluid level?


the fluid is right at the right level no leaks or anything so you think its the pump?


It sounds like the pump to me. They do wear out. They don’t always leak first.


Before you go and change the pump, try flushing the power steering system first. Sometimes this stops power steering pump whine.



how do i do that


try getting cold climate power steering fluid and change out the fluid - also carefully inspect the entire system for leaks of damp areas as you may not be leaking but pulling air into the system which will make it whine


i flushed the system out and it still whines like crazy do yoy think its the pump now? thanks