Locks have a mind of their own

2003 Kia Optima, 2.4L, 114K… The door locks have been activating open & closed all by themselves. There’s a click under the dash when this happens and I also noticed that it will lock/unlock when I depress the brake pedal. The driver door lock was not working with the auto mode so I replaced the actuator but still have same issue. I pulled the fuse but I can still hear the click that wants to open & lock the door. Could it be the switch on the door control panel? It does feel kind of loose with a little slop??

An electronic control module is malfunctioning. This needs a factory service manual to track down the malfunction and fix it. A lot of modules operate more than one function, so simply unplugging it may cause more issues. I hate to recommend the dealer on a 12 yo car, but unless you have a local Kia or Asisn car specialist you trust, this may be beyond the typical DIY fix.

The clicking sounds like it’s coming from where the key cylinder is inside the door. I noticed a big motor looking part while changing the actuator. Still have clicking under dash & even does it when car is off and key removed. No FOB involved.