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Door ajar warning bell

I cannot get my door ajar alarm to shut off. Older car so I do not want expensive repair if something cheap works.

The simplest thing to do is find the alarm and unplug it.

If you want the alram you’ll have to figure out which door switch is not working and fix or replace it.

Thank you. I am 99 % certain it is the driver door. I would like to disconnect the door switch but cannot locate it. I am afraid I will have to remove the door panel.

On my Ford Windstar the switch was built into the door latch, perhaps it’s the same the Elantra. Try spraying some CRC Electrical Contact Cleaner or WD40 into the door latch while working the door handle.

Ed B.

“Older car” thats like a 57 Chevy,how old can a Hyundai be? There sure is a difference in how long people keep their cars today. I was driving a 49 Chevy pickup in 1980.

With the government promoting scraping perfectly good cars over some mpg concerns it doesn’t help in peoples mindset about taking care of a car and using it for a long time.

Not everyone can afford a new car and plenty of these clunker trade ins could be used by people in a lower economic class.

Oh Yea the “door ajar” issue, I think the repair depends on what type of sensor your car uses. Is it a low tech pin switch or the more expensive switch in the latch?

Thank you, I have learned that that is in fact the case.

Soak the door latch with PB Blast. It does wonders.

Do not use WD40, it will gum up.