Stumped on 2005 Nissan Maxima SL

Any ideas on what would be causing my 05 Nissan Maxima SL to leak oil all of a sudden. When I checked the oil to see if it was low,not only is it full, but its so full I get oil on the entire dipstick. To top it off, as soon as I noticed the oil in the garage, the car died when I placed it in Reverse. It started right back up with some extra clicking noises (like the starter clicking sound you get when the fuel pump goes out). This happend after it sat in the garage for four days with out being driven, and it has done it now for two days in a row. It drives fine once it starts up. Then again, Im not driving it much, until I figure this out! I mainly drove it to charge the battery after letting it sit. Lastly, the last oil change was done 1800 miles ago, and its just now starting to leak oil… so if the high school kid at the lub shop over filled it I would think I would have seen oil prior to this right? Any help in the matter would be great! Thanks!!!

Take it back to the shop which did the oil change and tell them that they over-filled it. Then, check it for oil leaks every few days.
A short drive won’t fully recharge a discharged battery. The relays, and such, will chatter if the battery voltage is low. Put a trickle charger on the car to keep it charged and to get consistent starts.