Saturn SL2 1994 No Oil!


My son bought a used car, never checked the oil. He came home the other night said there was a clicking sound. We opened the hood, nothing identifiable clicking. It sounds like it is coming from the engine. Took it to a shop they said (without popping the hood) it needs a new engine. I thought if it is out of oil the engine just stops and that it. This car is running with a loud clicking sound even after the oil has been added. Is this car shot or can it be saved?


How many miles are there on the car?
How low was the oil?

If a car runs out of oil the oil light comes on and the engine starts making a racket. If it’s immediately shut off, it may be okay (albiet with a reduced life expectancy) after oil is added. If you continue to drive it, it stops dead forever…the engine seizes.

Ticking can come from other sources including an arcing spark plug wire. Any shop that tells you you need a new engine without even popping the hood should be avoided at all cost.

The car needs to be looked at. Take it to another shop. Let them diagnose it nd give you an estimate. The diagnosis will run about $100, but you can then decide whether it’s worth putting money into. You can also post back with the diagnosis and we can possibly make some suggestions to quiet it down a little.

  • mountainbike