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1998 Nissan Maxima - Trouble Starting

I have a 1998 Nissan Maxima. I just had both top and bottom valve gaskets replaced due to oil seepage. About a week prior to this repair, I noticed the car would have trouble starting, but it was very intermittent.
Now I am experience the starting issue 50% or more of the time when trying to start.
I’m horrible at describing the actual issue, but I am going to try. I turn the key and it has trouble turning over quickly. No tinking or clicking or anything like that. I have had the battery and alternator checked and both are fine. When i had the valve gaskets replaced, the shop i used checked the starter and told me it was o.k.
I’m really having a tough time figuring this out and don’t want to get “taken for a ride” money wise.

Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated.

Have a Nissan sentra that this was happening to. Changed the positive cable from batt. to starter. Works fine now.

If the battery & alternator have been checked then the most likely problem is with the cables/connections. Someone should pull & clean the connections/terminals at both the battery & starter. Then they get snugged back down wrench-tight.

Also, as shrdnjelly’s comment indicates, the cables can be badly corroded without anyone being able to “see” it. If cleaning it up doesn’t help, some insulation should be removed to check for corrosion underneath.

The car is 14 years old, so bad battery cables and/or connections is a strong possible for your problem. The starter needs LOTS of current and the battery might have the power but the cables and connections get the power from the battery to the starter.

New cables shouldn’t be that expensive. This can even be a DIY job if money is tight. New cables can’t hurt and has a high likelyhood of fixing your problem.

Thanks everyone. I just dropped it at my local shop today. It took me four tries to get it started at work today and I’m ot excited about getting stuck 45 miles from the house. I will request new cable on the battery no matter what the issue might be, just to be safe.