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2005 Nissan Maxima se

My 2005 Nissan Maxima shut off while I was driving would not start or crank does not click or nothing lights come on and all but nothing happens when I try to start then I tried to jump it off and smoke came out like cables was burning

This sounds like you reversed the polarity of the jumper cables.

You may have fried the computer.

Initially; before you tried jumping the battery, it had all the symptoms of either a dead battery that was not being charged by the alternator, or the cables at the battery were too corroded to carry the electricity needed.


Like the car shut of then I was rolling to a spot I could park it then it was turning over but it was as if it had no gas to cut on but the tank was half way then I kept trying till the battery died and then I tried to jump it then smoke came out and it wound not make any noise when cranking

Is your engine oil level correct?

I hate to say it but it is probably just best to have it towed to a shop for a diagnosis and repair. After checking everything they’ll tell you what is wrong and what it will cost to fix it. When mine died on the side of the road, I was back on the road again in about five hours. An hour or so for the tow, and the rest for parts and repair.

Could be something simple like a faulty ignition switch, or more complicated like a timing chain problem, or worse. In any event something caused the engine to stall, and you ran down the battery to no charge trying to start it again. When you hooked up the jumper cables the dead battery sucked in so much current the cables couldn’t handle it, and started smoking. What I’d do is charge up the battery overnight using a battery charger. In the meantime hand-crank the engine (socket/ratchet on the crankshaft pulley) while a helper looks inside the hole where you pour the engine oil to see if the camshaft is turning or not. This is easier done if you first remove the spark plugs, as it will allow to tell by feel if the crankshaft has a hitch in it or not, which would be indicative that the pistons were interfering w/the valves; i.e. timing chain/belt problem.

Sounds like your fuel pump. You have power and the car turns over. If it was the alternator, the engine would at least combust and sputter out. Typically in my experience, if your car turns over when you flip the key, that means the fuel pump is not sending fuel to the engine for combustion. The cranking basically sounds “dry” if that makes sense. Depending on the fuel tank set up, it could be a large one piece unit or a small electric pump.

This is the perfect description of a battery that was not being charged and to kept the car running until the battery was too low to keep the engine running.

I’d guess that this 13 year old battery cables are too corroded and it’s on the tail end of it’s 4th battery (if we can figure a battery lasts about 4-5 years.).

I would first get a new battery and be sure to clean the terminals real well with a wire brush before connecting the new battery.

Log back on and let us know how you made out.