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Studs on Gran am

How do you cange studs on a 2001 gran am

If you are talking about wheel studs then go down to your local auto parts store and purchase a new stud for your vehicle. Study it carefully. You will see how it stays in place. Buy the rest of the studs you need and have fun. It’s a very simple job but it takes some work to get the job done.

It’s difficult to offer advice when one doesn’t know what studs you’re referring to.

I was thinking you break up with the one you have and then go to the bar and pick up another one.

That is assuming you really want a replacement stud,.

Good point - but my elders always told me not to assume that you can change people - so I’d have to guess you’d need to go for complete replacement.

Sage advice for sure. Yes It is probably better. Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today.