Wheel studs! help


i have a 1969 cutlass S,.,.my wheels studs were loose so i removed them,.,.but my wheel hub has a problem, it no longer has the thred that it should, so the studs still fit but will not stay tight.,.,and i cant seem to find another wheel hub,.,.,.so should i just get new wheel studs and weld them to by hub,.,…,is that safe,.,.,.


this stuff will be too difficult to weld, i suggest you drill and tap the old hole


mmm that dosent seem like a bad idea!,.,.,.thanx


glad to help


wheel studs come in MANY different sizes.

if your hub holes were egged out, or worn, you should be able to find a close match to pull into the holes, as you tighten up the studs on the rim.

i would NOT weld.
once you weld, you are NOT going to be able to easily change them.

also by welding the studs, you risk arcing the bearings (unlss you remove the hub from the car), in that case remove them, and buy new hubs.


also, you dont drill and tap the hole.

you MAY have to drill it out, but you want the size hole, to pull and seat the new studs into, so they dont turn.


Those studs are pressed into the hubs. There are no threads. The studs have little splines on the base that swedge into the hubs as you pull them in by tightening the wheel nuts against a couple of lubed flat washers…

Defective studs are driven out of the hub with a drift and a heavy hammer.


oh, nevermind, i figured they threaded in