Car breaks off lug nut studs


I have a 1997 Ford Taurus. The drivers side wheel in the front breaks off the studs. I cannot find out why it does this.

I replaced the wheel and they lasted a few months but now its doing it again. Any ideas?


Could be over-torqued lug nuts. I like to add a dab of anti-seize to my lug studs to keep them from doing this.


Thank you for the reply. My mech says they are torqued to spec, I will try the loctite spray.


I don’t recommend using anti-seize on lug studs. It can actually contribute to stud failure. Torque values are determined by engineers based on clean dry threads. Lubing them with anti-seize will allow higher torque stress to be applied to the stud and will tend to overstretch it. This is, of course, the opposite of what you are trying to accomplish when trying to cure stud failure.

Applying anti-seize does not mean you will always get stud failure and lots of people use it and nothing happens. But just because they have been getting away with it does not mean it’s a good idea.


have you replaced ALL the studs on that wheel hub?
and all the lug nuts. i mean all at once, not piece by piece. by having good with bad you are just stretching the new to accomodate the weakened ones.

if you are having multiple failures, with studs failing there is something else going on.

 i would try a different mechanic!!


also have you rotated tires?

does this stay on the front or migrate to the rear.
it may be the rim contributing to this situation.

i would replace the studs and rotate the tires to see if it comes back.


Thanks to all. I will try the rotation.


Also check to see if the wheel is bent, the tire has a broken belt, or the car is out of alignment.