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Stuck sunroof on my Pontiac

Usually I only just crack my sunroof open as a vent. Yesterday, being especially hot I opened it nearly all the way. When I tried to close it, it would only close about half way and stopped. From there it will go further back and then forward to the same spot, but will not close all the way. Is there any easy and/or cheap way to get it to close all the way, even manually?

I’ve tried hitting the back with the heel of my hand and pulling on it with liitle result.

From the top of the car look down into the side channels for any debris blocking the side rails. The side rails are plastic and a piece or two may have broken off due to age. It doesn’t take much to jam the side brackets.

If possible take out the glass by removing the Torx bolts in each corner of the glass frame (4 total). Once the glass is out clean and lubricate the side channels.

I may eventually order new side brackets for the sun roof on my 2000 Blazer from this outfit.

Ed B.

Not sure about your Pontiac, but Iknow my Accord has a button that looks like a big screw in the middle of the roof in the inside, just behind the sunroof. If so, take a very large flat screw driver and turn it. It will put it in or forward. The key for that manual screw should be in the trunk if you bough the car new. If not, use the screw driver.