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CD Player in 2002 mountaineer

I have two cds stuck in the player and all i get is CD Error Please HELP

There’s but one thing to do, start taking it apart.

Ford radios come out pretty easy. You’ll need to take a wire coat hanger and make 2 horse shoe shaped forms. Slide one in the 2 holes on the right of the radio and one in the 2 holes on the left. Shove both all the way in and pull them toward the doors. The radio should start to slide out. After the clips clear the edge (very short slide) you’ll be able to slide it on out.

Unhook the wires, it’s pretty idiot proofed. There’s 2 plugs plus an antenna plug.

Once out, you’ll need to remove the top metal cover. usually 4 or 5 small phillips screws. You should be able to access the cd’s and remove them. It may be a little tricky and the cd’s may not work when you get them out from being scratched.

Now just put the top back on it, plug up the cables and slide it back in. It’ll either work or it won’t. If it doesn’t work, it’s likely not worth fixing, just buy a radio at whereever and put it in. They make kits for the radios so you can use Ford’s factory wiring, that will simplify the swap if necessary. Most of the time the better Wal Mart radios are as good or better than the Ford factory radio. Ford does use a taller radio than most and you’ll probably need a face plate kit to hide the hole.


I had 2 cds stuck in my Ford Radio/CD player I was not a problem opening the radio to get them out the top half of the unit had to come off but there they were