Strut Replacement for 2003 Camry Solara


I have a 2003 4 cyl Toyota Solara w. 164K and just had 4 struts replaced at NTB.

Now the car drives better but has more rattles over bumps. I read something about tightening the spring nut. Can this be the problem? Thanks~

A rattle could be caused by a loose shaft nut on a strut but it could also be caused by other things. Front or rear rattle?

It could be a faulty strut mount and when a vehicle has high miles like your car does the strut mounts should be replaced at the same time as the struts. (This is assuming that Quick Struts were not used, which are complete strut assemblies with new springs and strut mounts.)

When doing a regular strut job (no Quick Struts) there should not even be any extra labor charge for the mounts, just the cost of the mount itself. Hope that helps.

Yes, they did replace all 4 strut mounts and QUick Struts were not used. Seems like the noise is loudest going at a slow speed over bumps and is coming from the mid back area (under the trunk). Thanks!