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Strange noise


I love your show. I drive a '02 Camry. It’s started making a noise whenever I slow down. It sounds like it might be comimg fron under the dash right in front of me. The noise sounds like pebbles or sand being sifted through shallow water. I can hear it some when I start up and then brake. The car runs great and I’ve never had any trouble with it. I’m the original owner.

Could it be the speedometer cable?

Tom and Ray don’t visit here. The noise you describe sounds like it could be worn brake pads or pitted rotors. If the noise only occurs when you are slowing down and on the brakes, it is most likely related to the brakes. Have the brakes inspected, preferably by a reputable independent shop where they will take you out to your car and show you what is wrong so you can see it with your own eyes. The speedometer cable theory is not a possibility since your car does not have one. They stopped using those in the late 1980s in most cars. Some automakers held out through the early 1990s before switching to electronic speedometers and vehicle speed sensors.