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Faint noise driving me nuts

Hey all,

Lately Accord has been making a faint noise at freeway speeds that sounds like a bird chirping, but it isn’t as high pitched.

It doesn’t resemble tire noise or wheel bearing noise. The dehumidifier in my basement is “squeaky” and it sounds like that. This sound is really hard to describe.

It’s faint enough for my mechanic to probably not even notice it.

It seems to be louder when driving over “coarse” pavement and not-as loud, but still present when driving over smooth, freshly paved pavement.

The sound persists even when the car decelerates to say, 30 MPH but the frequency of the sound doesn’t change.

Any ideas?

This is a real shot in the dark. I had this type of noise in our Toyota 4Runner and it turned out to be the emergency brake cable. A little lubricant on the cable where it went into its jacket solved the problem.

I use the parking/emergency brake regularly. I’ll have my guys put it up in the air and check. Thanks.