Toyota Camry 2000 V 6 - ' Noise when backing up"

Automatic / approx 60,000 miles

My toyota camry makes a “low pitched /squeaky” noise (not sure how to describe it better) when I am backing up say from a parking space /or carport.

The noise happens when the brake is depressed and the car is backing out in reverse. Actually it happened a few time when I am going slowly over a speed bump.

It happens 80% of the time, usually in the morning when the car is cooler OR after the car is sitting pakred for several hours.

The car otherwise drives fine, stops fine in tarffic lights /stop signs and stop/go traffic.

Thanks for any cooments/ ideas.

You may be hearing the brake pad wear indicators rubbing on the rotors. These will squeak/squeal when the brake pads become worn.


Thanks for your comments.

My front brake pad/rotor were replaced in march 09, the mechanic said the rear brake is still good for another 10,000 miles… If it might be the brake, then why the “noise” only when “backing out”?

My friend suggested it might be a “linkage” problem? could it be?

Linkage to what?

I’d have another look at those rear brakes. Why the noise only when backing up? Worn brakes can make all kinds of noise, under different driving conditions.

If you can control when this noise occurs with the operation of the brakes, it’s a brake problem.