Strange Noise in My Rodeo

I have a 1998 Isuzu Rodeo. It recently began making a funny noise. The noise does not begin until I pull forward or backward after starting the car. It begins as a screech sound and continues, although not as loud, while I drive. The sound gets quieter and eventually stops after about 10 minutes. If I drive the car for an extended period of time the noise will start back up again. I originally thought it had to do with the brakes but the noise actually stops when I brake and starts again when I release the brakes. The car does not make the sound when it is just idling or in park. Does anyone know what it might be? I’m worried about driving it too much with this noise!

It might be the brake wear indicators telling you it’s time for new brakes. There are little tabs on the brake pads which are designed to make a noise when the pads wear down far enough that the tabs rub on the brake rotors. The theory is that the noise will get you to have the brakes checked BEFORE the pads wear out completely and the rotors are damaged.

Have someone check the brake pad thickness.

Could the parking brake be hanging up? Don’t know if it’s disk or drum. Suggest checking cable to the parking brake to see if it’s free. Maybe a squirt of lubricant will do the trick.