99 suburban noise while in motion

I have a 99 chevy suburban that has started making this screeching noise while in motion. It sounds like metal on metal…sort of like when a person brakes with bad brakes. It only happens while the car is moving and goes away when I turn either way, but starts up again once I straighten out the wheel.

It doesn’t get louder while accelerating, but the faster I go, the faster the noise goes(if that makes any sense)

My husband is on deployment and I don’t exactly have anyone to help me out with trying to figure out what the problems is. Any suggestions as to what it might be would be very grateful! Thanks in advance!

Sounds like your brake pads are down to their wear indicators. Does the noise stop when you apply the brakes? If so that’s a good indication pads need replaced.

Thanks. Yes, the sound goes away when I brake and also when I turn either right or left.