Unknown noise

Currently I own a 2000 Lexus RX 300. I just had an oil change but there is a noise by the tires only when I accelerate. When I put my foot on the brakes it stops. Any suggestions??? I am at a loss. Where would the best place to ask and get the work done.

Just a thought - but maybe you could describe the noise? Cars make lots of noises - both when there is a problem, and when there is not. You might also mention how many miles are on the car and something of how you take care of it beyond the occasional oil change.

You also give only 2 scenarios - one when you accelerate and another when you step on the brake. What if you just coast? (Neither accelerating nor braking).

I agree with Cigroller that there is not enough information currently to give a diagnosis with a good chance of being accurate.

However, I will throw out one possibility, namely that the brake pads are worn out.
There are thin wire-like objects implanted in brake pads that are designed to give you an audible warning that you need new brakes. The noise–which is frequently described as being “cricket-like”–is heard when you are accelerating and when you are coasting, but it goes away when you brake.

So…can you be more descriptive regarding the noise?
And, can you clarify whether you hear it while coasting?

Since it stops when you touch the brakes, I would have the brake pads checked.