Cavalier turn signal

I have a 2003 Cavalier. The driver, rear turn signal is not working. I get the fast flashing on the dash. I only saw one bulb - it works fine. Any ideas would be appreciated!

If the rear bulb is burnt out, it’ll cause the flasher unit to blink faster and the front signal light will still work.

This is the normal way to let you know that you have burnt out turn signal light.


The bulb is fine

it won’t flash/blink

Try turning on the emergency flashers. Does the rear bulb flash?


It’s a dual filament bulb, take it out and look at it closely to verify both filaments are intact. A new one is about $6, a Sylvania 3057LL.

I think it’s the wiring going bad - it goes out and in with emergency lights on, turning the socket back and forth.

If water has gotten into the bulb socket, it might be a corroded connection. Has the car ever been in an accident? Any signs of water intrusion into the bulb area?