Storing a pretty new car


hi … i recall click and clack saying that all one need do is pull the battery … the days of putting the car up on blocks to store it for 6 months are gone. Is that the case?

thanks for any advice!

mark s


If it wasn’t going to move for six months I’d lift the car off the ground and put some fuel stabilizer in the tank in addition to pulling the battery. After six months your tires could have flat spots.


Before storing the car, change the oil and fill the gas tank. Either disconnect the battery terminals or connect a trickle charger to the battery to keep it from going dead.


Sound advice from Tom&Ray. Just disconnect and remove the battery. Even so, you may need to have it recharged when you return.

There are other things you can do but these are all gratuitous. None will really make a difference but may help you sleep better.


I’d also pull the spark plugs, put about a tablespoon of motor oil into the spark plug holes and reinstall the plugs and wires. Marvel Mystery Oil works really well for this, too. Fuel stabilizer is definitely suggested as noted above. I use a veterinarian’s syringe with a flexible tube to get to the hard to reach spark plug holes. And top off your tire pressure to what’s prescribed for your vehicle.


Throw some moth balls in the engine compartment, on the floor of the car and around the tires. Put a steel wool pad in the end of the exhaust pipe. Critters love to make a home in unused cars. Rocketman


First I suggest pulling the battery, not just disconnecting it. That makes it much harder to steal. For six months I would also add a little stabilizer. Cancel the collision insurance, keep comprehensive insurance. Putting it on blocks will not hurt, but there is no real need.

Note: removing the battery can cause issues with various security systems. Check on the needs for your specific car. You likely will need the radio security code to re-activate it. You owner’s manual or dealer should be able to give you that information before you disconnect the battery.

Flat spotting of tyres ended with the age or radial tyres.