Auto Storage

What are the steps to take when preparing a car for storage of a few months?

There are already at least a thousand posts on this topic.

Buy Sta-bil and add it to the tank before you fill up. Be sure to add the recommended amount for a full tank. Your tank volume is in the owner’s manual. Other than that, just park it. Unless there are little mammals that like to chew tings in your neighborhood, like wiring harnesses. Then you need to consider some form of tederrent, like parking it in a garage, hot pepper spray, or predator urine.

For just a few months the only preparation you need is to add fuel stabilizer to the gas tank.

Also disconnect/remove the battery.


Or maybe better, remove the battery and store it away from the car. It makes the car more difficult to steal.

You also should consider canceling most of your insurance. You don’t need collision, but you should keep the comprehensive, which is the cheap part.

Disconnect the negative terminal of your battery. Enjoy your leave.

My dad does this with a 1990 4runner since 1996 with 3-7 month periods of the vehicle sitting. Not a single ill effect.