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Proper way to store a car

what do I have to do to store a car for 3 months. Disconnect the battery. stabilize the gas. what else

Three months is not a long time. Many slow selling cars sit on the lot for that time. I would stabilize the gas, and put a battery minder on the battery. Maybe plug up the exhaust and air intake with steel wool to keep anilals out.

Don’t bother with the stabilizer, three months storage does not call for it.

Disconnecting the battery is a good idea however. I would also suggest that if the car is not stored in a secure location, you may want to remove the battery and store it at another location (like your basement). Most car thieves can re-connect a battery quickly, but they generally don’t carry around a spare battery.

You should consider canceling all but your comprehensive insurance. Check with your agent. Most of the cost of insurance is the liability and if it is not being driven, then you are safe. If you will be driving other cars or renting cars, you should keep all the insurance active.

Remember the not only humans can be a threat to your car. You should protect your car from rodents and other animals if possible.

A battery tender (a special charger made for this use) can keep your battery in good shape while you are away. The cost of the tender is likely less than the cost of one battery.

When you get back check the fluids, if any maintenance has become due based on time take care of that and watch out for anything unusual for a couple of days. You should be fine.

Good Luck and I hope you have a good time wherever.

This more like long term parking. Not storage.

For three months, just add a fuel stabilizer to the tank and fill the gas tank. And remove the battery and store it in a warm/dry area.