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Storing a Corvette for 6 months

Son has been told to remove the battery from his Corvette that he does not drive in the winter months (about 6 months). I’m sure, with some of my mechanical background, and been told , is not necessary. What say you ?

You don’t have to remove it…just disconnect it.

Disconnecting it will be fine. There is no need to remove it.

If you use a trickle charger, you won’t have to disconnect it, and it will live longer. Batteries like these live the longest when they stay charged.

He is using gas stabilizer, right?

Six months is not all that long, but I would suggest fuel stabilizer. As for the battery, I would remove it. First if you don’t disconnect it, the little things like the clock that are on even with the engine off will drain the battery, it would be best to keep it charged with a “Battery Tender” a special charger that prevents over charging and just keeps a un-used battery charged. The advantage of removing the battery and storing it in a different place means it will be harder to steal the car.

Note, don’t forget to tell the insurance company and cancel the collision part of your insurance. That is the most expensive part and if the car is not driven it will not have a collision.

One other reason to remove the battery would be if the car’s stored outside and it gets extremely cold out. If the battery gets discharged it could freeze and crack the case, then there’s a real mess!