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Leaving car parked for 6 months

My son is in miltary. He soon will be overseas. His 1992 Ford Explorer will be parked and not used for 6 month period. Other than disconnecting battery, what other steps should he take? Should he add a fuel stabilizer to gas in tank? Any other ideas?

Many thanks.

Six months is not a long time, not at all. I’ve had cars sit around for longer than that having taken no special precautions, and they ran just fine after I got around to them.

Disconnect the battery because doing so will make you feel proactive. Whether you do or don’t you will still need to recharge it or jump start the car when your son returns.

Some folks here are great fans of fuel stabilizers. Others think it’s important to adjust the fuel level in the gas tank. I wouldn’t bother with either one, but such actions are harmless so go right ahead. Any other suggestions are also well-intentioned but nominal. Hats off to our boys in the military.

Agree, six months is not too long. I would put the fuel stabilizer in, have an oil change, and close off the exhaust and air intake of the engine. If the car is stored outside, I would cover the cowl air intake to keep debris from falling in; if the car is stored inside, best to leave that open, as well as crack one window open a very small amount to let air in, but rodents out.

We wish you son the best and a happy and safe return in six months !

My father does the same thing as he works oversea’s. He simply disconnects the negative terminal on the battery and the car is fine. This has happened for the last 9 years.

I will only add a couple of ideas. Cancel the collusion insurance, you don’t need it, keep comprehensive. I would remove the battery and store it inside unless the car is stored in a secure area. It is a lot harder to steal a car without a battery unless you just happen to bring one of the right size with you.