Stolen toyota keys and reprograming cost



I was robbed of my 2007 toyota keys(at gunpoint in portland maine). I went to my local dealer in Brewer Maine and was told that I would have to bring the existing key and remote and all had to be reprogrammed. The reprograming fee was $60, which seemed a bit high. I thought I might as well get two keys and a remote. Through some misscommunication I ended up with two remotes. When I said I only wanted one, they told me that this remote was permanently programed and couldn’t be changed;so I bought the extra remote. Is this correct?


I am familiar with that dealership and would be surprised if they were not telling you the truth. Contact Toyota service center…telephone number in your manual and check.


Once the battery is replaced the remote has to be reprogrammed. They are not permanently programmed. If it won’t be reprogrammed with the old battery, change it.

Someone steals your keys and they say you have to bring them in with the remote to have them reprogrammed. Right.

IMHO they made extra beer money off you.