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Sticky throttle

I have a 2005 Ford Escape, and my throttle sticks(more in cold weather) does it have a throttle cable

You can open the hood and look if it has a throttle cable (it has some mechanical means of operating the throttle) more likely than a cable issue you need the throttle body cleaned.

which I understand is pretty easy to do? something I can do myself…if it doesn’t have a throttle CABLE, what does it have?

If it doesn’t have a cable, it is a throttle-by-wire setup, which means that the throttle pedal actually operates a rheostat under the dash, and the changing voltages produced there are picked up by the engine computer. The engine computer then moves a stepper motor that is attached to the throttle body.

More than likely, you do in fact have a throttle cable, however. I would look up under the dash for the possibility that your throttle pedal could be hitting a wiring harness or something. Then go under the hood and operate the throttle spool by hand (have someone inside press the pedal a few times so that you can see where it is, first) to get a feel for what is sticking. I’d start by spraying some silicone lubricant on to the spring and exposed shaft on the side of the throttle body and working that in really well. That might be all you need.

If not, it’ll be as oldschool said, you’ll need to remove the throttle body (four nuts / bolts, two or three wiring connections, and the cruise control and throttle cables) and follow any of the procedures that you will see if you google around for “throttle body cleaning procedure” or something similar (I’d type more but the smell of turkey has me somewhat distracted…)

Best of luck!

thanks, and enjoy the turkey…gobble gobble… :slight_smile: