Gas Pedal Sticking

My 2000 Oldsmobile Alero’s gas pedal sticks when its 70 degrees or higher outside. I can drive it all winter long without it sticking, then when the weather gets warm it starts again. I have to pull the pedal back up with my foot and it unsticks. I have replaced the throttle cable with one from a junk yard, but it does the same thing. Any ideas? Thanks

Clean out your throttle body…this is where the cable attaches to…many x you get a gummy sticky carbon buildup at the throttle body where the butterfly valve hits the sides of the body…clean it with carb/throttle body cleaner spray and a rag…

Aside from that have an assistant duplicate the issue for you while you are under the hood…look for anything weird happening and deal with it.

Check throttle return spring. It might be worth replacing too even if you clean linkage.

See if the throttle plate is binding in the bore. If it is, a little sanding is in order.

I concur with Blackbird, cleaning fixed a sticking butterfly valve on my 1993 Caprice and 2000 Blazer. I use an old tooth brush to get into the nooks and crannies. Make sure you use a Throttle Body safe cleaner, regular carb cleaner can damage the MAF or MAP sensor in the throttle body.

Ed B.