1993 Nissan pickup

The accelerator pedal on my 1993 Nissan pickup occassionally “sticks”. Mainly when I’m leaving a (stop-sign/red light, etc) or if I let off pedal (in traffic etc) then push on it again to accelerate. I’ve changed the throttle cable (had a brand new one from brother in law…still in packing). I took it to Nissan dealership few years ago and they couldn’t figure it out, same with a (highly recommended) local shop. Anyone have any ideas about this?

I’ve seen this happen before.

One area to check is that there’s a good ground connection between the engine and the firewall. If there’s a poor ground connection, the throttle cable can become the ground connection. And because the throttle cable is a thin wire, this causes the cable to heat up and expand causing it to stick.


My Pathfinder did this, the throttle body had goop built up in it, not letting the throttle plate move. Cleaned it and all was well. All it cost was a can of carb/throttle cleaner. You have to clean the backside of the throttle plate and the opening of the throttle boddy. Also, throttle body could be worn, grove cut into it by the throttle plate. This would cause it to stick too.

Not to be contrary to Tester, but if you still have the original negative battery cable, the engine to chassis ground should not be a problem because it has a big terminal in the center of it that attaches to the inner fender, then terminates on the head, in addition to two other ground straps. But if the OEM cable has been replaced, then that is a possibility.

But I too agree with the throttle body. Gunk builds up under the butterfly (plate). Just remove the air cleaner top and look down the throttle with a flashlight while someone holds the gas pedal to the floor (engine off of course). You will see all the built up carbon on the back side of the plate and in the bore below the plate.

The plate should not cut into the throttle body unless someone messed with the throttle stop screw.

You can clean up this crud with some paper towels and some throttle body cleaner spray. Spray the cleaner onto a paper towel and wipe most of the gunk out, repeat as needed to get it pretty clean, the apply the spray directly to the throttle body to the areas the paper towel couldn’t reach, like around the pivot points of the plate. You will need someone to hold the gas pedal down while you do this.

I agree with others about throttle body cleaning

EXCEPT using paper towels. I’ve had the paper towels break apart and get stuck behind the butterfly. Had to fish it out. Better off to use a carb cleaner soaked rag. In my opinion.

I appreciate all comments but I may need to clarify…the throttle cable is not becoming the ground. It is a new cable and it touches nothing except rubber/plastic until it connects to the throttle body. Interesting approach, though. I have shot carb cleaner down the throttle body in the past, but have never done a thorough cleaning of the butterfly etc. I’ll give it a shot after the lawn is cut this afternoon. Again, many thanks for the input/opinions offered!

db4690. I use Bounty paper towels. :wink:

@keith glad to hear the paper towels worked out for you. As for me, I’ll stick to the shop rags.