Sticky gas pedal on 2000 Honda Accord



When I start the car, I have difficulty pressing the gas pedal because it sticks, so additional force has to be used to depress it. After a minute or so, the gas pedal operates normally. Any ideas? How would I fix this? TIA!


I would look for anything interfering with the pedal where it pivots under the dash, and also under the hood, where the throttle is connected.

The fact that it clears up in a minute is baffling.


Clean the throttle bore and throttle plate.


Its carbon build up on the throttle body and the backside of the throttle plate. It is easily cleaned, but this is usually an expensive repair, I think overpriced. The bigger question is why it’s building up. On my Saturn, it was due to a stuck EGR valve. I was cleaning the throttle body about every oil change, but when I cleaned the EGR valve, the throttle body stopped gumming up. I have seen this happen every 60k or so, it thats how often, I wouldn’t be too concerned, but if it needs cleaning every few thousand miles, then you have another problem to be solved.


Thanks for all your responses! My Accord has about 45k miles now. Is cleaning the throttle body and plate something I can do, or do I need to have mechanic perform this? How much does this service usually cost?